7 Simple ways to make your house feel like a home again

Moving into a new home stirs up a lot of excitement and inspiration, but that feeling doesn’t last long. Many people tend to lose interest in their homes, it’s not uncommon to feel this way so don’t feel bad. But there is no reason for you to keep feeling this way, there is a solution!

Here are a few simple tips to enjoy spending time in your home again and making it feel personal, rather than looking for any excuse not to be at home..

1. Operation declutter

Make your space feel warm and inviting by decluttering. Start with one room and throw out anything that doesn’t make you feel good or that is taking up unnecessary space. If the item is still in good condition, then donate it (someone out there needs it more than you do).



2. Storage

Not everything has to be out in the open, if you have existing storage then use it! Clean up those drawers full of random items and use them wisely to clear up visual space around the room. You can also add open hanging shelves to showcase photos and memorabilia or a credenza as a stylish storage solution.



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3. Layout

The layout of your furniture can either make your space feel homely or disconnected. . To avoid the latter think of ways how you can create conversation areas. This could be with an L-shaped sofa that sits comfortably or a two-seater sofa with two occasional chairs placed parallel to it to encourage conversation.



4. Personalize

A house without your personal touch is simply a building that you live in (nothing special). Personalizing your space doesn’t mean painting the walls in your favourite colour. But rather adding a few simple pieces to your space that reflect your personality, a good example here is to add a rug and a few complimentary scatter cushions on your sofa.




5. Indoor-outdoor living

If you have a garden or balcony, then make use of the space! Give yourself a reason to entertain guests at your home by creating an ‘outdoor room’. Most of today’s outdoor furniture has the same appearance as indoor furniture making it easy for you to create a seamless look from indoors to your outside area.



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6. Create your own space

Feel relaxed in your own home by creating your very own nook, which you can use to unwind with a book or a glass of wine. This could be by incorporating an occasional chair or chaise lounge into your space – perhaps in the corner or close to a large window with a view.



7. Set the mood

Lighting choices significantly impact your mood. If it’s too dark or too bright, it can push your emotions out of whack. Switch light bulbs for softer alternatives. You can’t go wrong with decorative candles as a finishing touch to add to the personal experience of the space.


“Personalization – the one trend that will always be in season.” Whatever you do, always add a personal touch, it is the key element to creating a space that you will love and feel comfortable in. Next up we will share some advice on how to make an open plan space feel more intimate, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram platforms for the latest blog post updates.

Will you be trying out one of these tips? Let us know in the comments below or share your progress with us on social media. We love hearing from you!

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