Could this be the world’s best shade umbrella

The simple truth is – this is the best shade umbrella you will ever find.

There isn’t a better one around. It’s designed by a German doctor of engineering and is made in one place in the world.

This umbrella has been a best seller at Mobelli since 2007 and anyone that owns one will tell you – this is the best.

Want to know why? Read on…

For an umbrella to be called the best it needs to have the following:

1. Be easy to open and close so that anyone can do it. With the One Touch Umbrella all you do is push on the main pole to open and close it. It’s simple and hassle free.

2. Shade must be provided over the furniture (we know, it sounds obvious). When the shade moves you should be able to move it back over the furniture. With the One Touch Umbrella simply press on the foot pedal and rotate the umbrella 360° with your little finger.

3.Ultimate shade control is possible because you can tilt the umbrella in every conceivable direction by simply pulling on any rib.

4. It is a cantilever umbrella – there is no centre pole. This means that furniture can actually fit under the canopy.

5. The parasol’s main aim is to prevent from you burning your skin and allowing you to spend more time outside. When not in use it’s a good idea to have an easy to put on cover to protect the canopy of the umbrella itself.

6. The umbrella is heavy. It weighs 150Kgs and it needs this weight to make sure it is stable. Sometimes, though, you need to move it around and that is where the 4 hidden castors come into play. Simply unfold them with the supplied lever and move the umbrella around to its new spot.

7. The biggest destroyer of outdoor umbrellas is wind. Damage normally occurs when the canopy if left open. Because the umbrella is easy to close, the moment the wind picks up simply rush over and close it. In fact, for better longevity we suggest that you close it when not in use, even if the weather is perfect. remember, its hassle free and anyone can operate it.

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